RED PENGUINS has been nominated for a  2021 WGA Award! 

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Editor Christina Stiles enticingly integrates these elements to achieve a fluid sense

of pacing that’s careful not to get too far ahead of the sometimes complex narrative.




“The interview footage fully fleshes out characters that would have been relegated to talking heads in lesser hands. 

- Kyle Mullin

“Red Penguins,” is here to serve your bedlam-loving needs.” 

- Anthony Lane​

“This documentary unspools a so-crazy-it-must-be-true yarn on the order of the Fyre Festival or the abusive cat breeders in 'Tiger King.'”

“Two decades before his ally in the White House would threaten to delay the U.S. presidential elections, the newly christened Prime Minister wishes Russia a 'Happy New Century' on the eve of 2000. It’s as disquieting an epilogue as any I’ve seen this year.”

-Matt Fagerholm

Forget 'Tiger King.' I’m over 'Tiger King.' I want to see a big-screen, star-studded adaptation of 'Red Penguins.' 


Polsky masterfully weaves in archival footage with present-day interviews... thanks to this superb film from director Polsky, we now have the definitive record of one of the craziest chapters in the history of ice hockey.

-Richard Roeper

“A novel lens on Russia’s economic transition.”

- Ben Kenigsberg

“A documentary version of a Coen Brothers film. Anton Chigurh would feel right at home.”

-The Madd Wolf Pack

“The film provides a bittersweet glimpse at a small, stained-glass window of time when anything seemed possible, and the concept of change was rich with promise.”


- David Ehrlich

“By leaving in awkward pauses and gaffes, moments of dreaded paranoia about mafia wrath, and surprising reactions to contradictory takes on the Russian Penguins' palace intrigue, the interview footage fully fleshes out characters that would have been relegated to talking heads in lesser hands. 

- Kyle Mullin

“It's a remarkable – and funny – documentary that seems ripe for a quick pickup and entry into this year's documentay feature [Oscar] race.”

 - Pete Hammond 

“A very entertaining feature. 'Red Penguins' tells the story of outrageous, larger-than-life players in a brisk, humorous fashion. Its assembly is always lively, aimed at engaging viewers with or with out any interest in hockey. It’s a fun movie.”

- Dennis Harvey

“Polsky crafts an engaging, in-depth examination of the intersection of politics and hockey as Russia struggles to gain its balance following the demise of the Soviet Union.”

- Justin Lowe

An involving, humorous, well-made, documentary… utterly stuffed with memorable stories and unforgettable people.” 

- Christopher Schobert



Red Penguins is not a nature documentary. Check that. Yes it is – human nature. Gangsters and oligarchs run crazed and lawless – a warped, vodka-drenched capitalism takes hold. Gonzo skates-and-sticks stuff, Slap Shot being dainty by comparison.” 

- Brad Wheeler

It’s a kick to watch Warshaw, affectionately (?) nicknamed 'weird little bastard' by his Russian partners, wheel and deal with a batch of Russians who seem a little more menacing every time Polsky gets them on camera. And in an era in which the collision of Russian and American interests is never far from the headlines, a weird little story about one crazy time those interests collided might even teach us a thing or two.

- Steve Pond